Junction, A Snowfall technology

Junction is a next generation B2B travel platform that delivers a multimodal travel ecosystem.

By unifying a wide range of travel services, enhancements and offers, Junction delivers a next generation customer experience. We introduce a new marketplace for the industry where content personalisation, convenience and flexibility are just one click away.

How Junction delivers

  1. Enhances the end-customer experience

    We are empowering end-customers to travel their way – where they like, how they like and through one platform, Junction.

  2. Enables the sustainably agenda

    With multimodal transport on a global scale, customers are given the control to choose how they want to travel. Be it business or leisure, the end-customer can make more sustainable choices for their journey.

  3. Adding revenue streams

    Junction’s distribution capability creates business opportunities across global industries and provides access to new sales channels in an expanding ecosystem.

  4. Provides more value

    Junction’s multimodal offering delivers more content, full ancillary services options and greater personalisation.

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Junction delivers control, choice and confidence to our ecosystem of suppliers, resellers and Boost partners.

Who is Junction for?

  1. Suppliers

    Junction puts greater control in the hands of suppliers. They can distribute their inventory though a new and modern platform, giving access to a range of global resellers. This unlocks new sales channels with unlimited ancillary opportunities at a lower cost. By partnering with the Junction network, suppliers can enhance their own offerings and improve the travel experience for the end-customer.

  2. Resellers

    Resellers get access to multimodal content and offerings on a global scale. With the ability to tailor Junction’s offering to their business, resellers can offer their communities the deals that are right for them via the channels they prefer. Key highlights will include multimodal journeys, hotel bookings and experiences, all searched and finalised within the Junction platform.

  3. Boost partners

    With Junction, Boost partners have the opportunity to build solutions for a large ecosystem of connected suppliers and resellers. With our flexible technology platform, partners can plug in their solutions to an existing network of services which can be accessed by a wide range of resellers.

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Junction uses new technology to remove complexity and deliver value. To make this happen, Junction is powered by five key technologies: Exchange, Boost, Pay, Plus and PSS.

Junction technologies

Junction uses new technology to remove complexity and deliver value. Junction is powered by five key technologies: Exchange, Boost, Pay, Plus and PSS.

  1. Exchange

    Junction Exchange ensures suppliers and resellers can tailor their offering to maximise their value for both their business and the end customer.

  2. Boost

    Junction Boost supercharges Junction Exchange with services and offers that deliver value.

  3. Pay

    Junction Pay enables smooth payments and makes transactions flow better.

  4. Plus

    Junction Plus enables resellers to provide their customers with an enhanced experience.

  5. PSS

    Junction PSS provides a commercial platform for suppliers that is optimised for integration with Junction Exchange.